Sarab Black

Distinction is at the very heart of this purely feminine masterpiece which embodies contrasts such as shadow and light, past and modernity, simplicity and complexity, power and softness. These paradoxes make Sarab Black as one of the most difficult elements to master in perfume creation, as the perfect harmony can only be reached with infinitely subtle balances.

Sarab Black is a western perfume, created with a composition that is enriched with the elegant mix of the vibrant floral aromas in the top, and a sensual accord of the pure fragrance of rose as a heart, ended up with a magical touch of the rich and warm amber blended with the famous Arabian white musk in the base note.


Volume                        100 ml
Fragrance Category Western for Women
Strength                       Oil concentrates 16% Ethyl 84%

Heart                  Rose
Base                    Amber/ White Musk



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