Sakura Spray… Affection and Magnificence

Sakura Spray is the latest addition to Junaid Perfumes precious collection, inspired by the traditional Japanese Cherry blossom tree which symbolizes love and beauty. Sakura Spray was specially created for the delicate and passionate lady with its gentle opening notes of fresh and sweet odors of Mandarin and litchi, leading your senses to detect an adorable bouquet of warm roses, delicate Jasmine along with a beautiful contrast of rich cedar wood scent. The base of this unique spray is nothing but special as well with the sensual traditional Musk combined with the warm Arabian musk.

Volume                        100 ml
Fragrance Category Western for Women
Strength                       Oil concentrates 16% Ethyl 84%

Top                      Mandarin / Litchi

Heart                  Rose / Jasmine /cedar wood
Base                    Vanilla / Musk




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