Launched 25 years ago as one of Junaid Perfumes finest and most popular fragrances, Futoon presents itself in a new look and feel.

Re-launched on popular demand, the much admired Futoon is a hero who has won the hearts of admirers across the region with its intense and everlasting fragrance.

In its beautiful amber glow, Futoon retains its captivating personality bringing to life its beautiful earthy blend. Three beautiful notes create a melody that has never been forgotten. The fragrance combines in the subtleness of rose and patchouli with the intensity of woody Oud making it a fragrance that stands apart.

Futoon was the first of Junaid’s fragrances that combines western and Arabian notes in a combination that’s left a lasting impression on the hearts of both men and women alike.

Volume                        100 ml
Fragrance Category Arabic for Men & Women
Strength                       Oil Concentrates 16% Ethyl 84%

Top                       Rose
Heart                    Patchouli
Base                     Oud


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